Sakai Yamamoto-cho(Osaka prefecture) (Internet Cafe manga cafe) |自遊空間

Sakai Yamamoto-cho

Store name
Sakai Yamamoto-cho
Osaka prefecture
Sakai City Sakai-ku, Yamamoto-cho
Regular fee
269 ​​yen (290 yen including tax) / 30 minutes

Extension fee
75 yen (80 yen including tax) / 10 minutes
Pack charge
3 hours pack 954 yen (including tax 1030 yen)
6 hours pack 1519 yen (including tax 1640 yen)
9 hours pack 1908 yen (including tax 2060 yen)
12 hours pack 2191 yen (including tax 2366 yen)
Night pack 8 hours 1436 (including tax 1550 yen)
※ Night pack will be sold at 19 pm to the next 5.

[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays fee]
3 hours pack 1047 yen (including tax 1130 yen)
6 hours pack 1612 yen (including tax 1740 yen)
9 hours pack 2000 yen (including tax 2160 yen)
12 hours pack 2284 yen (including tax 2466 yen)
Night Pack 8 hours 1528 (including tax 1650 yen)
※ Night pack will be sold at 19 pm to the next 5.

credit card
Wi-Fi service
au, docomo, softbank,free spot
Installation equipment
DS game cafe, DVD, DVD-R, color printer, coin game machines, convenience store goods, shower room, deluxe (mat), deluxe (reclining), billiards, family room, massage chair, mat booth, reclining chair, wide mat booth , table tennis, multi-purpose room, non smoking seat, automatically apply the pack plan
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