Nagoya Taikouguchi(Aichi Prefecture) (Internet Cafe manga cafe) |インターネットカフェ 漫画喫茶 自遊空間

Nagoya Taikouguchi

Store name
Nagoya Taikouguchi
Aichi Prefecture
Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Tsubakimachi
Others, building name, etc.
The second crane eight Taiko building 4F ~ 9F
Normal Rates
463 yen (including tax 500 yen) / 1 hour

[entrance fee]
334 yen (360 yen including tax)

[shower use charges]
371 yen (including tax 400 yen)
The extension charge
84 yen (including tax 90) / 10 minutes
Pack charge
◆ will be the membership system. I ask you to membership of those who are available.
admission fee 334 yen (including tax 360 yen) is public certificate that can your identification is required.
◆ shop is an automatic pack system. Depending on the available time, apply the most deals pack fee.

3 hours pack: 954 yen (including tax 1,030 yen)
6 hours pack: 1,436 yen (1,550 yen including tax)
9 hours pack: 1,908 (including tax 2,060 yen)
12 hours pack: 2,389 (including tax 2,580 yen)
__ _ weekdays 6 hours Night pack: 1,241 yen (including tax 1,340 yen)
weekdays 8 hours Night pack: 1,436 (1,550 yen including tax)
weekday 12-hour night pack: 1,815 (including tax 1,960 yen)
※ Night pack sale time : Monday to Thursday, until 21:00 pm to the next 5.

[Saturday, Sunday and holidays fee]
3 hours pack: 1,047 yen (including tax 1,130 yen)
6 hours pack: 1.528 (1,650 yen including tax)
9 hours pack: 2,000 yen (including tax 2,160 yen)
12 hours pack: 2,482 yen (tax included 2,680 yen)

holiday 8 hours Night pack: 1,667 yen (1,800 yen including tax)
※ Night pack sale time: gold to Sunday, public holidays and holidays the day before 21 am to pm the next 5
credit card
Wi-Fi service
Installation equipment
VR equipment (GEAR VR), VR equipment (Vive), color printer, shower room (extra charge), reclining chair, women-only seat
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