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Fuji aoba tori

Store name
Fuji aoba tori
Shizuoka Prefecture
fujishi motoichiba
Regular fee
250 yen (including tax 270 yen) / 30 minutes
Extension fee
75 yen (80 yen including tax) / 10 minutes
Pack charge
◆ will be the membership. I ask the member registration of those who are available.
Admission fee 334 yen (including tax 360 yen) is official certificate that can your identification is required.
◆ Our shop is automatic pack system. Depending on the available time, it will apply the most deals pack.

4 hours pack 954 yen (including tax 1030 yen)
6 hours pack 1334 yen (including tax 1440 yen)
9 hours pack 1621 yen (1750 yen including tax)
12 hours pack 1908 yen (including tax 2060 yen)
Night Pack 9 time 1149 yen (including tax 1240 yen)
※ Night pack is available in the entering of the 20:00 pm to the next 4.
Senior (over 60 years) 3 hours Pack 482 yen (including tax 520 yen)

[Saturday, Sunday and national holiday fee] will be
the weekday fee 100 yen.

[Weekdays special rates] ※ requires the offer of the pack at the time of admission.
Sale noon Kara 3 hours pack 510 yen (including tax 550 yen) until
7 am to 17, will be the karaoke limited.
Karaoke free time 834 yen (including tax 900 yen)
7 am to 17 pm of free time, will be the karaoke limited.
Amusement free time 954 yen (including tax 1,030 yen)
7 am to 17 pm of free time,
karaoke, darts, billiards, table tennis will be subject to.
Wednesday, Thursday Ladies\' Day 12 hours pack 954 yen (including tax 1,030 yen)

※ weekday special rate, there is no handling of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and GW O-Bon the New Year\'s holiday.
credit card
Wi-Fi service
free spot
Installation equipment
Color printer, coin game machine, shower room (extra charge), billiards, family room, massage chair, mat booth, reclining chairs, table tennis, non smoking seat, automatic pack switch
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ダーツゲームにチャレンジするだけで、 本日の会計から使えるクーポンをゲット! ※会員登録が必要です。