店舗 / 料金


Store name
Aichi Prefecture
Obu Kyowa-cho
Regular fee
250 yen (including tax 270 yen) / 30 minutes
Extension fee
75 yen (80 yen including tax) / 10 minutes
Pack charge
3 hours pack 908 yen (including tax 980 yen)
6 hours pack 1371 yen (including tax 1480 yen)
9 hours pack 1834 yen (including tax 1980 yen)
12 hours pack 2388 yen (including tax 2580 yen)
Night pack 8 hours pack 1278 yen (1380 yen including tax)
Night pack is sold in your visiting up to 59 minutes at 20 pm to the next 4. Friday Night pack in your enter the store until the following price

[Friday, Saturday and holidays the day before charge]
weekend night pack 8 hours pack 1463 yen (including tax 1580 yen)
Night pack is 20 pm to the next 4 hour 59 minutes sale.

[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays fee]
3 hours pack 1000 yen (including tax 1080 yen)
6 hours pack 1463 yen (including tax 1580 yen)
9 hours pack 1926 yen (including tax 2080 yen)
12 hours pack 2481 yen (including tax 2680 yen)

Netoge 6 time pack 1018 yen (including tax 1100 yen)
※ Netoge 6 hours pack separate registration system target seat limited

senior split (3 hours pack) 482 yen (including tax 520 yen)
※ senior split is, 60-year-old on weekdays only more person only available

Sports pack (3 hours pack) 629 yen (including tax 680 yen)
※ in your admission of weekdays until 6 pm to 59 pm 11, billiards or darts limited
credit card
Wi-Fi service
free spot
Installation equipment
2-person sofa, CD-R (W), DVD-R, online games seat, color printer, billiards, family room, massage chair, mat booth, reclining chair, wide mat booth, non smoking seat, automatically apply the pack plan
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